War of the WOCs (aka wallet on chains) Dior, YSL, Chanel

Let me start this post by introducing the most versatile bag  I own . . . . . the wallet on chain or as it is widely known, the ‘WOC’.

Is it a bag or is it a wallet? Well, the answer is both and more. This multitasking style of bag is so hardworking, probably the most hardworking bag I own. It’s a day bag, it’s an evening bag, it’s a travel wallet and I have even worn it as a belt bag around my waist. I always have a WOC in my carry on when travelling, it’s the perfect size for a passport, a chocolate bar (no judgment please), a card holder and a phone. It’s excellent as a weekend bag when all you need are the bare necessities. Or for a night on the town, when you don’t want to carry too much about. The WOC is so versatile and I am very fortunate to own three versions of this work horse bag.

In this post I will be discussing the Pros & Cons of these three similar black ‘WOCs’. I hope you find this information useful whether you are considering purchasing a new WOC or simply wondering how each bag varies in style.

Chanel, WOC

The one that started it all, the original Wallet on chain. Over the years I have bought and sold a few versions of the Chanel wallet on chain, currently I own the classic version in caviar with gold hardware.

The Pro’s
It looks stunning, the caviar leather is soft yet hard wearing and the chain is the perfect length to wear crossbody. It has a zipper compartment and built in credit card slots which means you don’t need to take out a wallet. It also has a front pocket which I use for my compact mirror and the zip under the push button is perfect for cash and receipts.

The Cons

The price, for a small bag this is very expensive. Another con is that the strap is not detachable. It would be wonderful to be able to use this as a clutch or just as a slightly larger than average wallet. You are able tuck the chain into the bag but that does reduce the storage space.

Final thoughts On the Chanel WOC

Chanel are always a great investment, they are guaranteed to rise in value each and every year.  I purchased this bag in March 2016 from Heathrow airport for £1180, the current price is approx £1690. A WOC is a great first foray into the luxury world of Chanel bags. It’s certainly a beautiful bag and like all Chanels not readably available thus driving up the resale price. However for a small bag it is very expensive.

Dior, Diorama WOC

The Diorama WOC is my first Dior bag. I purchased this bag in November 2016 and it was love at first sight. It’s in the classic black grained calfskin leather with champagne gold hardware. Beautifully hand crafted using one piece of leather, with a Art Deco geometric style this bag is class personified.

The Pros

Like with the Chanel WOC it has one main compartment and one small pocket in the front. The leather is super luxurious and the front closure is beautiful, with the mix of enamel and champagne gold hardware. It has credit card slots inside and a small zipped pocket. My favorite feature of this bag is that the chain is detachable, which means this WOC can be used as a clutch or a large wallet.

The Cons

The closure doesn’t feel too secure, the push closure feels a little more delicate than other similar bags. The price is reasonable but this is Dior not Chanel and Dior bags from experience don’t hold their value. The current retail price is £1150, I purchased mine for the same price in 2016 if I was to resale this bag now I would make a definite loss.

Final thoughts on the Dior WOC

These bags are not as sought after as the Chanel versions as they are readily available at the boutiques. Meaning the desirability is not as high. That being said, there is no doubt that this is a beautiful bag. I really like it’s elegant relaxed vibe and the very luxurious and understated style.

Saint Laurent WOC (Larger size)

Out of the three WOC styles I own the YSL version is the biggest. It’s made with similar grained black leather and has beautiful shiny silver hardware. The design is very streamline and luxurious, with the chevron style and the oversized silver YSL logo on the front.

The Pros

Compared to the previous two styles the price is very good. Currently retailing at £1050 I paid £885 in 2016. Unlike the Diorama WOC this has increased in price. It has lots of credit card slots and a useful large zipped pocket in the center. The chain is detachable and I tend to use this as a clutch rather than anything else, as it’s the ideal size for a clutch bag.


The Cons

Despite it’s size the YSL WOC is a very narrow ridged bag and unfortunately doesn’t fit very much inside. The chain length is incredibly short and cannot be worn cross body, unless you like your cross body bags to sit very high. The smaller version of this bag does have a longer chain.

Final Thoughts on the YSL WOC

This bag looks like it should tick all the boxes but unfortunately it doesn’t. It’s a real shame because out of the three, aesthetically this is beautiful. If the chain was that little bit longer and the bag wasn’t so ridged this would certainly be a favourite bag for me.

The conclusion

Like every bag comparison there must a clear winner. A standout bag that exceeds expectations in every criteria – style, functionality and price. However, I have reached a stale mate I just can’t choose between them. They all have their Pros and Cons and I love them all for different reasons. If I am forced to choose then I will have to go by investment value and the Chanel would be my number one choice. In conclusion all three are really good bags which I will continue to enjoy using.

Thank you for reading.






  1. 18th March 2018 / 12:19 pm

    A great read ! Great comparison between the three brands x

  2. Christine
    25th March 2018 / 7:16 pm

    Great comparison! Thanks for your honesty, this helps a lot!

  3. 16th April 2018 / 11:56 am

    Hello dear! I’m glad I finally popped over to your blog. I’ve been thinking about getting another WOC. It is quite annoying to pay a bit for such a teeny bag. But I agree it’s a piece that retains value really well over time. Ahh you can always count on Chanel to raise prices and make its bags from past seasons a better value!

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 16th April 2018 / 4:00 pm

      Thank you for reading my post. I totally understand how you feel. I felt the same way but they are such great investiment bags and a great way to buy a Chanel bag for under £2000 that being said they wouldn’t stay under the 2k bracket for long.

  4. AMRH AZ
    5th April 2019 / 1:49 am


  5. Kate
    17th October 2019 / 5:26 am

    A great comparison!
    I know you love all three bags but just in case, I wonder if you have any interest in selling your Dior WOC?
    I’d like to purchase a Dior WOC with the same leather as your bag.

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 22nd October 2019 / 8:12 pm

      Thank you so much thank you for reading my post The Dior WOC is for sale feel free to message me via Instagram sarahthenelizabeth

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