The Bear (coat) Necessities

Well hello there welcome back. It’s been a little while since I posted my last blog post. I have been working on a few ideas recently which I am still putting the finishing touches to.  And a few exciting things are happening or at least I am trying to make happen. All will be revealed soon I promise bear with me. Talking about bears…I know why you are here. You are here because you, like me have a little teddy bear coat addiction. Ok so that’s maybe a little presumptuous of me. You might just be curious. Why does this Sarah Elizabeth keep talking about teddy bear coats. What is it that has her acting like a obsessed furry coat groupie. Has she lost the plot. Well you might be right or maybe I am a secret genius, I have declared my adoration, chosen my side! I am no Switzerland, this is the best, the snuggliest kind of winter coat attire invented. Let’s start at the beginning.
I have always loved furry coats for as long as I can remember. It started with my grandma she had a wardrobe full of furry coats and my naughty little sister and I would sneak up the soft pink terracotta carpet (giggling to ourselves.) To her wardrobe room, to stroke her colourful fur coats. Now back then her coats were real fur. Soft, beautiful and luxurious. She wore them elegantly draped over her shoulders like my friend Sarah Denizz wears her faux fur coats. She also had the slightly cropped variety with delicate feathers attached and wore them like my darling Laura Gallo-Wallis wears hers. In a true elegant Chanel style with black and white tailored accents. Now back to why I love teddy bear coats, those who have read my blog posts previously might remember me writing about Portobello Market. My love for vintage hunting, be it bags, brooches or earrings. But what I haven’t talked about is my love for vintage faux fur coats. I picked up my first faux fur coat in rich chocolate brown and orange leopard print from one of the vintage clothing stalls many years ago. It was knee length smelt slightly musty. I could tell this coat had lived a good life. Most likely seen quite a few sights throughout its furry life. I wore it one evening with husband who was my boyfriend at the time. He took me to the Kensington Roof Gardens it was one of our first dates and I felt like a cool Madonna esk fashionista. That coat gave me truckloads of confidence. I was 22, I had a waist line and I wore metallic eyeshadow. I was cool, at least I think I was. I guess that’s not important what is important is that I felt cool. That coat transported me. Like Joseph and his technicolored dream coat this coat was my coat of confidence. I wore it till the faux fur started to malt and the seams came loose and eventually after a few hopeless restoration attempts it was retired to a local charity shop. That was the last teddy bear coat I owned it’s been ten years. Ten years of sub par coats. The aviator style nearly filled the hole and the fleece style coats of last year were a poor woman’s imitation teddy bear coat. The ugly macs just made me sad and didn’t keep me warm. The pea style coats made me feel like a stuffed sausage and the swing coats which were quite flattering but were a nightmare to layer with. And well you all know layering is key when the temperature drops in London. So this year while randomly traipsing around London I found myself wondering into the very large H&M on Regents Street. I wasn’t expecting to find anything but low and behold like I was looking at a shimmering portal to Narnia. There in front of me was the coat of my dreams it was long it was brown it was soft and Britney Spears as my spiritual shopping guide singing gimmie gimmie more in my head, led me to its soft brown furry goodness. And so the obsession began. Since then I have purchased two more teddy coats. A leopard print slightly shorter style in honour of my first teddy bear coat and a gorgeous emerald green version which is stunning so soft and so beautiful. Just touching it makes me infinitely happier. Which is exactly what clothes should do for us they should make us happy. We work hard enough for our money why not get a little enjoyment from them. I have listed lots and lots of all the teddy bear coats I am loving on my shop page. Including the ones I have purchased if they are still available if not I have linked similar styles. Clicking my links will not cost you any extra but I might receive a tiny amount. 

Thank you for reading.

Fellow teddy bear coat lovers.

Love Sarah 


This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive anything from writing this post and all items mentioned were paid for by myself. 


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