Rings and Things….Part 1

The knot ring on my little finger is one of my most treasured rings. It’s a love knot.

There is one (actually there are lots but for the benefit of this post let’s say there is one) thing you will learn about me through this blogging journey we are taking together. And that is that I love Jewellery. I often refer to myself on here as a little magpie. Which is not something I just say I really believe in a previous life I was a magpie. I just can’t help myself I am drawn to anything that sparkles. It began with my collection of crystal rocks. To my current collection of jewellery. I have loved jewellery for as long as I have loved bags. For me fashion is art, we are all potential artists. Born as blanc canvases ready to be whatever we choose. I am not interested in throwaway fashion. Yes I purchase clothes from the high street in fact most of my clothes are from the high street. But classic pieces well I like to invest. And this post is all about how I started working on elevating my personal style through my Jewellery choices and the stories attached to a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy this first part. I wear bracelets like armour, I don’t feel like me without a few swinging on my wrist. Diamonds semi precious stones I am not selective if it’s different if it sparkles than come to mama. I have been wearing a labradorite bracelet for years that is my constant. Anxiety is something I suffer from and wearing this crystal keeps me feeling centred calm and at ease.  Along with that I have the tennis bracelets I received for my 30th and the others which were mostly bought by myself usually as a memento or a reward for getting through a tough time or having a particularly good month at work. I like to stack my bracelets and I change things up regularly I always wear my labradorite bracelet mentioned above but the others well I like to keep it fresh and change things up. In the summer its all about colours lapis lazuli, jade, aquamarine and citrine mixed with gold. In the winter it’s more winter whites lots of white gold or silver and a little more everyday diamonds. A high street blouse worn rolled up to the elbows with a stacked wrist adds a lux statement. Even a pair of shorts and a tshirt a simple outfit can be elevated with the right pieces of jewellery.Lastly and most importantly I love rings (a slight understatement) I know but oh how I love rings. Anybody who meets me usually comments on my rings this is likely because I wear quite a few some would say to many burn i like to say just enough. If bracelets are my armour then rings are my heart, rings are my favourite type of jewellery. And I have a collection to back that statement up. My favourite is my engagement ring. An antique rose cut diamond that I had set in a Art Deco setting. Another favourite is a ring I received from my husband a love knot which he had made and is still the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. My third favourite is my Amethyst oversized ring set in gold which I wear on my index finger this ring was purchased from a small shop in Ibiza years and years ago it cost €45 but is priceless to me. Amethyst is my favourite crystal I have always been drawn to it and my home is covered in pieces of all shapes and sizes. My collection of crystal rocks definitely would need a blog post one day.I like to mix things up. I don’t follow rules and I like to wear all types of metals gold yellow, rose and white even platinum all worn together like a luxury precious metal rainbow. I like simple bands or single diamond bands. I like semi precious stones set with gold and occasionally diamonds. Unusual designs in a chunky retro form or fine delicate styles. One particular set of three bands was a gift from my grandparents. I actually went with my grandpa to choose it and it means so much to me as sadly a few months later he passed away. I find my style of rings is quite reflective of my personality.  You have the luxury side the diamonds the gold and the intricate designs and then on the other side the funky styles the bright coloured stones the larger semi precious designs and the antique rings. I love that I can express my style through my jewellery choices. And depending on whether I am going to a meeting or a casual lunch with friends I can Just be the me I feel like being on that day.My most recent ring was a ring I have coverted for many many years the iconic Dior Oui ring. Originally I planned on purchasing this ring as a wedding ring but when I had my engagement ring made it just wouldn’t work. So the ring sat in the back of my mind until this past August when I decided to buy it as a pre birthday gift to myself. And I am so glad I did it is a iconic ring with a playful style and it works for day to night.One thing I would like to say is that it doesn’t matter how much you spend as long as what you do buy reflects your personality. In the words of Doctor Seuss ‘today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!’As always thank you for reading. It’s because of all of you. Your kind words your support that inspires me to keep on writing.







  1. 14th December 2018 / 6:47 pm

    This is the best blog I’ve read on jewellery. Everything you say makes me want to shout YES! I soooo love that you look out for something different, something quirky, antique, unique designs… and I’m a real believer in jewellery lasting a lifetime. You’ve massively inspired me, thank you sooooo much.

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 2nd January 2019 / 12:35 pm

      Wow thank you so much Ruth, I am so glad you enjoyed my post. I will be writing another jewellery post soon but the next one will include watches and a few other things I didn’t cover in this one.
      Happy new year

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