My Chanel Jewellery Collection

In my very first blog post I touched on how I discovered vintage bags and why I love them. I talked about my many escapades to Portobello Road with my patient mum and naughty little sister. Where I would run ahead to marvel at the vintage stalls and shops lining the historical Portobello Road. In that post I talked about bags but I didn’t mention how I acquired my very first piece of Chanel.I purchased my first piece of Chanel legacy from a stall on the iconic Portobello Road owned by a eclectic woman with long thick bone white hair. She wore floral vintage dresses which swished as she walked and stroked the dusty market floor. The dust would puff up around her as if she was walking amongst the clouds. All worn with vintage ferrigamo slippers in blue suede. Her name I can’t say incase anyone who reads this knows her so for the benefit of this post let’s call her Selina.  Selina used to hug me every time I visited her stall enveloping me in an air of spicy woody scents Jasmine tobacco and rich chocolate. She sparkled like a mythical creature in my young eyes a unicorn maybe or a exotic princess. You see I have never or have ever met anyone as vibrant or as colourful as Selena. As a dreamy 14 year old she was everything I wanted to be. Especially as she owned and ran the most beautiful store on Portobello road full of the most amazing vintage treasures. 

One day on a visit to her magnetic store I noticed in the glass cabinet by the window a set of gold and leather earrings. It was the black etched CC that really caught my eye. Please I asked can I see these I said pointing to the cabinet. Selena carefully opened the cabinet and took out the earrings and passed them to me. They were beautiful! How much I asked while rubbing the CC indentation in the centre. £40 she said. £40 was a lot for a poor 14 year old. I have £5 I said can I pay you every week with my babysitting money. She said yes and put them inside a drawer. 6 weeks later and they were mine. My first piece of Chanel. I was hooked the addiction cemented.I purchased another set a beautiful round gold disc pair with the classic raised CC logo with a rope style pattern around the edge. While hunting at a car boot sale I picked up a single earring which I then attached to a long gold chain and wore around my neck like a Chanel medal of honour.More recently I have began collecting Chanel brooches I like to wear three of them clustered together on a denim jacket for that relaxed luxurious vibe. I have even pinned one to my denim ‘Le Boy’ bag. A bag that is now totally unique to me and representative of my style.  

Excitingly in April I purchased a pair of Chanel earrings oversized with matte gold discs they were a naughty purchase because I used my replacement coffee machine money on them. But well worth it. I love coffee but I love Chanel more.And lastly I stricked lucky in the Chanel sale and purchased a brooch for half it’s retail price a brooch which shouldn’t have been in the sale in my opinion and a brooch that now perfectly matches my most recent Chanel purchase the circular dangly earrings. And works so perfectly with my other Chanel brooches as a cluster on my denim jacket. 

I still don’t have a new coffee machine but coffee machines come and go but Chanel will last a life time.

Thank you for reading.






  1. Juls
    16th July 2018 / 6:39 pm

    My Dear Sarah Elizabeth, as I was reading your story, I started to envision a young girl with a bright smile walking the streets of Portobello. I could see you in my mind as your eyes shine bright with amazement while looking at the beautiful Chanel earnings….. Oh sweet sweet girl…. I can completely hear your voice in my head as I’m reading the rest of your story!
    The passion you have for this fashion house manifest in the words you use to describe every detail… I love your stories.. and I love that they are your personal experiences too!

    You are a very talented writer! I could see myself submersed in your books… ( you must write a book!)

    Congratulations on your new brooch! You def scored with this one! now you have the collection!

    Love your Always,


    • Sarahthenelizabeth 17th July 2018 / 11:05 am

      Wow Jules thank you,
      I don’t really no what to say I have never recieved such a lovely comment before. I am really lost for words and for me that is really unheard of. I am so happy you enjoyed this post because it is for you and all the others like you that inspires me to write. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my little story. I would love to write a book one day but for now thank you for allowing me to share my little adventures. I have always seen Chanel as art and to own these precious vintage pieces & newer styles and now my new brooch I do feel very fortunate.
      Thank you again for reading

  2. Sallyann
    16th July 2018 / 7:01 pm

    Omg I loved your chanel tales…. what a amazing child you were spotting and buying those first earings….. how fabulous… I’m enjoying your blogs hun

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 17th July 2018 / 11:09 am

      Thank you Sally,
      That is so kind of you to say. My mum has always said that I was never interested in the same things others were interested in. But then I was so lucky to have spent years trawling Portobello Market so I learnt what to look out for. When Inpicked up the gold and leather entwined earrings it was a pivotal moment for me. And I have never looked back CC forever.
      Thank you for reading

  3. Robin
    16th July 2018 / 10:03 pm

    What a lovely post!
    What a find your sale brooch was!!

    My friends and I made it to the pink cake shop after our tour from Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge was late returning to London. The lady behind the register finally heeded our pleas for a piece of cake after explaining we found the shop on IG and ran from the bus to the cake shop! It was well-worth the effort.

    P. S. Cake is the only thing I will run for

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 17th July 2018 / 11:12 am

      Hi Robin,

      Thank you for reading, I am so happy with my new brooch I can’t believe it was in the sale.

      I am so glad you got to go to the cake shop I hope it lived up to expectations. So lucky you made it in time before it closed. A promise of cake and then it not being delivered is a cruel unusual punshinent.

      And I agree cake is the only thing I will run for, that and to get to the Chanel sale on time.


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