Chanel vs Prada – A Tale of Two Totes

Let’s talk totes, In particular let’s talk the famously beautiful Chanel Deauville compared to the super stylish Prada Giardiniera bag.
I love both for very different reasons, but which one is the best investment?
I am going to cover the following topics;
  • Usability.
  • Durability.
  • The whole aesthetic.
  • Pricing.
  • Longevity.

The Deauville

I have had the beautiful Deauville for nearly two years, this bag has been well loved and is still as perfect as the day I brought it home. It goes without saying that it is the perfect size for a travel/beach bag. This is the larger size, the smaller sizes didn’t at the time have the top handles, just the chain strap so it was pretty easy for me to choose which model I wanted. It has one large open compartment with a key clip and one zip pocket. The exterior is in a user friendly stain free, wipe clean material. Believe me when I say this is important, I have in my jet lagged state spilt coffee down one side, obviously this is me after all cappuccino addict at your service. Thankfully it just rolled right off. The interior is cotton so again very low maintenance.
Like with most Chanel seasonal bags the brand likes to create a hype. They produce limited stock of each colour and with no online ordering system it does make it very hard to track down a particular colour combination. I knew as soon as this grey model was released that it was the bag for me. Grey is my colour and whenever I see a grey Chanel my heart skips a beat and then commences the endless sleepless nights. Tossing and turning I go contemplating that dreamy grey bag. That being said it wasn’t a matter of do I get this but how do I get this bag. It is simply stunning and certainly a bag that demands attention.

Prada Jardinera

Next up is the equally glamorous Prada Giardiniera, this bag is nearly as hard to get hold of as the Deauville it’s always sold out. I will link it in my shop page when it becomes available again.  Like the Deauville it has top handles and is a fantastic size for a travel/beach bag. Unlike the Deauville it has a useful detachable strap making it easily accessible for cross body wear. It has lots of internal pockets with zips which is great for an obsessive organiser like me. The exterior is a canvas hemp material which makes it somewhat worry free. And like its comparative it is a bit of a show stopper, with the vintage style logo on the front which lends an air to the old school nylon Prada totes from the 90s. I remember seeing them on the glamorous ladies in the summer who gathered outside the pretty little cafes dotted down the St Johns Wood high street (a suburb in London). Those bags have made a resurgence recently and their nylon clutches and pouches are now seeing a sudden rebirth as well, which for me can only be a good thing. Now back to the bag in question, the base of the bag has protective feet which just adds to the easy to use functionality and this is a fantastic feature as I don’t feel so worried when placing it on the floor. As soon as I saw this bag I knew it had to join my bag family. It ticks all the boxes and then some, so how does this stylish bag compare to its Chanel competitor now that I have discussed all their features.

Pricing and Investment

Compared to the current retail value of the Deauville (large) and the current cost of the Giardiniera (large), the Deauville retails at £2,400 and the Giardiniera at £860. Both bags have increased in value since I purchased them, with the Deauville increasing £650 in 2 years and the Giardiniera £210 in 6 months. A little bit of extra information the small Giardiniera currently retails for £685 making it more expensive than the larger sizes was 6 months previously.
Chanel are renowned for their price increases and certainly their prices can sometimes be questionable, but for the size of Deauville the fact that it is not only a fantastic bag but hard wearing, beautiful, lightweight and so easy to use the cost for me is justifiable.
That being said the increase in the Giardiniera seems vastly inflated in 6 months, it has risen approximately 32%. This is after all not a bag that will hold its value in the long term, if comparing it to previous Prada models. It might be very fashionable now and certainly very attractive but who is to say it will still be in five, ten or fifteen years time. Comparably the Deauville like most Chanel bags (let’s not talk about the girl bag, a bag better left forgotten, sorry Karl I still love you) is a better investment generally continually rising in value. The demand is still high and the pre-loved Chanel market is booming. A Chanel comparison is always going to leave its competitor having to go that extra mile to make up the distance but this time sorry Prada, Chanel wins. And just like Goldilocks trying all the porridge’s this one was just right for me.


  1. Laura Bonner
    6th September 2018 / 5:55 pm

    I loved this comparison. Very informative. Do you think the Deauville can be carried in winter? Xxxx

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 6th September 2018 / 7:07 pm

      Hi Laura,

      I Most certainly do. It’s actually a fantastic winter bag. I use it often in winter. Thank you for reading.

  2. Caroline
    22nd October 2018 / 12:26 am

    Hi Sarah,
    I wanted to ask if the Prada Giardiniera holds its’ shape from the bottom or does it tend to loose it over time. I’ve seen a few pictures of bloggers wearing it where the hardbase shape doesn’t show and the bottom of the bag is drooping in a way. (Similar to how the lv speedy droops) Also from your pic it seems you have the large size . Do you happen to know if there was a bigger version made previously ?

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 23rd October 2018 / 8:35 am

      Hi Caroline,

      I haven’t had any issues with the bottom of my bag. This is the larger size (the biggest size made). It still looks brand new and has held its shape really well. This particular size has been discontinued at least that’s what the Prada boutique told me. It’s the same size that Lydia Elise Milan has. Are you on Instagram I could send you pictures.
      Best wishes

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