6 things I loved in May

Another month bites the dust this month there have been so many new favourites a pair of earrings that make me feel like a  star a bronzer that makes me sparkle like a star and a bunch of amazing people who are real stars. I hope you enjoy this ‘6 things I loved in May’ post.

Scouting for Pearls earrings 

This months number one will come as no surprise to all those who follow me on Instagram. I am talking about the earrings I have been wearing none stop this last month. The beautiful scouting For Pearls earrings. These stunning antiqued gold stars set with crystals are exactly what I have been looking for. They are unique and (amazingly)  handmade not mass made which is the main allure for me. Infact as I am writing this while sitting on the tube I am wearing them. Sarah who owns and runs scouting for Pearls is a beautiful soul who puts so much heart into each of her designs. I have two pairs of her earrings and the winged ones are also exquisite they just have that wow factor. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery you must check out her Instagram http://@scouting_for_pearls

Classic flap

I am a little late to the classic flap love. I always wanted one and always thought I would eventually get one but the price well it scared me they are just under £4000 which is a massive amount of money. But as investments go. If I am going on the previous increases it’s guaranteed to rise in value. I have used my classic flap continuously throughout May. It just makes me feel so grown up. There are a few bags in my collection I know I will keep forever and the classic flap is certainly one of those. 


Dyptique Doson 

At the end of April I purchase a new perfume the Diptique Doson. From my favourite beauty apothecary Space NK Doson is my first Diptique scent and it’s just stunning it’s light yet has a scent of tuberose, pink peppercorn, orange leaves and musk. The perfect combination in my opinion. 

Hourglass Bronzer 

I have quite fair skin I do tan but it takes a while and I really don’t like to sit in the Sun and bake all day. So a good glowy bronzer is vital for me. This month my bronzer of choice is the hourglass bronzer. I have quite a fair few bronzers but this one sits beautifully on my skin with just a hint of shimmer. My husband remarked to me last Saturday while having dinner at the Ned hotel. Your skin is sparkling he who never notices anything noticed my current bronzer of choice. So a favourite it has to be. 


Healthy snacks

The cake detox is going well I haven’t eaten my favourite sweet treat for a few weeks now but that doesn’t mean I am depriving myself. I have a serious sweet tooth and cutting out sugar full stop would never work for me. So I have been snacking on low calorie popcorn. At just 60 Kcal a bag it’s not a sin to enjoy. I love these ones from my local supermarket.


So this is a bit different from the standard favourite style posts, my 6th and final favourite is friends. But not just any friends I am talking about those I have meet via Instagram. I have been so lucky to have met some incredible people who not only like the things I like but are also incredibly kind supportive and generous. I believe friends are precious and that it’s quality over quantity. Listed below are my May favourites (only joking these gorgeous people are my every month favourites) I genuinely don’t know what they see in me. But I am loving being taken along for the ride.

Nicole @nicole_ontrend – The one I chat to most days who listens to my moans and listens to my rambling voice notes and leaves me rambling voice notes in reply my #bezziemate the Patsy to my Eddie.

AK @_ak_fabulous – A kind soul who doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.  She likes cake more than me and she is as mad as me we never stop giggling when we are together.

Stella – @helloloverxoxo – Super model Stella as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside we have a mutal love for bad food she leaves me five minute long voice notes which are like listening to soap operas.

Sarah @sarah_denizz My coffee loving namesake her Dior Couture style is inspirational and her no nonsense approach to life I respect. Sarah is class personified.

Laura @Lauragallo-Wallis A true Chanel girl with a kind romantic heart. she brings out the thoughtful side in me and I treasure our deep and meaningful poetry critiques.

Josh @josholiverstyle Quick witted and stylish Josh has the most beautiful eyes and knows everything there is to know about the latest fashions. A secret softy.

Thank you for reading




thabk you for reading this was not a sponcered post. All the reviews expressed here are my own.



  1. 11th June 2018 / 9:01 am

    Love your favourites! Congratulations on your new flap bag, it is so stunning! I love the last one, so important to appreciate your friends!

    Chloe x

  2. Ammara
    11th June 2018 / 9:46 pm

    Aw what a beautiful post,I am truly blessed to meet such a wonderful beautiful person like you. Keep shining Sarah you are a true inspiration and a breath of fresh air xxxxx

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 12th June 2018 / 3:02 pm

      Thank you Ammara,

      You are very kind. Thank you for your friendship and support you are amazing.


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