6 Things I Loved In March

This is a monthly favourites of sorts, I haven’t written anything like this before but I am constantly trying new things, visiting new places and just trying to shake things up as much and as often as I can. So I thought why not share with you all the things that I am loving. 

I am going to split this into three category’s; 
•Fashion & Accessories 
Sarah Chapman overnight facial, this stuff is good skin in a bottle. I have combination skin and during the mad weather this March in the UK, this has been my skin saviour. Even the ‘beast from the east’ couldn’t compete with this fabulous evening oil. I apply this a couple of hours before bedtime, after I have cleansed and toned so to give it time to sink into my skin. This is too good to be eaten by my pillow case. It smells heavenly like a mid summers eve and reminds me of my childhood in Spain playing around the fuschia pink Bougainvilleas bushes. Stroking their powdery pink leaves and smelling the sweet Jasmine that grew next to it.

Sarah Chapman overnight facial.

This is the bougainvillea plant that grows in Spain.

Mario Badescu (drying lotion), I love this magic spot drying solution. It’s a pink paste that soaks up the excess sebum. It’s amazing and so quick at drying up pesky pimples super fast. I apply it using a cotton bud and dab it on.  Even the husband uses it on occasion (but don’t tell him I said that) I am on my second bottle.

Mario Badescu drying lotion

Fashion and Accessories 
Louis Vuitton Capuccines BB bag, it’s probably no surprise that I have chosen this bag as a fashion favourite. It has barely left my side since I purchased it in the beginning of February. I love how versatile it is dressed up or dressed down, it has slotted into my bag family really well. I won’t go into to much detail on all the ways I love this bag as I am writing a post dedicated to this beauty. 

This bag is so pretty

Pearl earrings with crystalsthese earrings did not leave my ears for the whole month of March. They are rose gold and with a pretty pink pearl and gradient grey and white crystals. They are similar in design to the Dior Tribal earrings but these ones at £25 are amazing value. 

Green Tea, Now I know this is a bit of a change for me the #coffeeaddict, but with the temperature going from hot to cold from spring to winter, back to spring then back to winter, my body is finding it hard to adjust and I keep catching colds. So I am trying to drink more green tea, which is full of antioxidants. It still has caffeine , so even though my three cups of the hot black stuff is now down to one, I am not feeling that midday slump. My favourite green tea is Jasmine green tea it is beautiful delicate and not at all bitter. I am totally obsessed with the one linked above it’s a loose tea so you can choose how concentrated you want the flavour. Fitbit, I got the Alta Fitness Wristband Fitbit mid February and it is fantastic, it’s so slim and discreet. I wear it on my right wrist, so I can still wear my other watches on my left. It monitors my steps, my heart rate and even my sleeping pattern. It also tells the time so if you are looking for a smart watch tracker this one is fantastic. I find that it encourages me to walk more and it pushes me that little bit harder during my spin classes. 

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this different style of post from me.


Love Sarah




  1. 10th April 2018 / 2:21 am

    Great favourites lovely! I’m a big fan of Mario Badescu, but somehow I’ve never tried the drying lotion! Will definitely be checking it out.

    Chloe x

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 11th April 2018 / 11:34 am

      Thank you Chloe,
      I am so glad you like my post. The drying lotion is a skin game changer it’s the best spot treatment I have used.

      Sarah X

  2. 17th April 2018 / 1:34 am

    Ooh that is a very subtle, but chic fitness tracker. Admittedly, my Apple Watch isn’t terribly elegant and I don’t love the Hermes band ones either. It is effective though and I walk more because I wear it.
    Oh and I love your LV bag though I usually don’t like their purses. Hmm – should i get Chanel or LV for my next bag now?

    • Sarahthenelizabeth 17th April 2018 / 11:39 am

      Thank you for reading my post. Love the Fitbit it’s so chic and the one I have is a limited addition gold and rubber one. But it’s not just beautiful it’s so easy to use. I had the Apple Watch which is also amazing. I felt the same about LV it wasn’t my thing even when I collected vintage monogram bags LV wasn’t my style. But that being said the capuccines bag is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever owned. Do you have a chanel mini. They are fantastic bags and though the capuccines is beautiful the mini will hold its value. xx Sarah

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